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With Globes as their canvas, our artists bring to life the Journey of Discovery in trails across our host cities.

Want to create a Globe? Take part in our Open Call.

Yinka Shonibare CBE

The Turner prize nominee Yinka Shonibare CBE is The World Reimagined’s Founding Artist, having conceived both the base globe sculpture and the first Globe to feature in the Trails - ‘The World Reimagined’, after which the entire project is named.

Nicola Green

Confirmed artist.

Kimathi Donkor

Confirmed artist.

Lina Viktor

Confirmed artist.

Zak Ové

Confirmed artist.

Lakwena Maciver

Confirmed artist.


Confirmed artist.

The World Reimagined, at its core, is built on our belief in the transformative power of art: to inspire, to move and to open our imagination to new possibilities. And so the artists that create the Globe sculptures that form our trails are essential in helping people travel through this Journey of Discovery.

We are thrilled that some of the world’s best loved artists are creating designs for The World Reimagined. We are excited that artists from all over the UK have submitted to our Open Call to have their work featured in our trails.

Our Open Call Jury

About the Trails

Each trail will consist of 10 Globe sculptures:

  • one for each of the nine themes of the Journey of Discovery; and
  • a tenth Globe designed by an artist in collaboration with community groups local to the trail, ensuring that the trail is steeped in place and community.

Most of the Trails will be 90-120 minute walking tours so that visitors are literally taken on a Journey of Discovery.

About the Sculptures

The Globe sculpture is fibreglass, with a 1.4 diameter Globe and a total height of 1.7m, including the base. When in situ, it will also have a further base to ensure it is safely and securely anchored.

Yinka Shonibare CBE designed the base sculpture as a Globe for a number of reasons:

  • to root the sculpture in the geographic dimension of the Transatlantic Slave Trade;
  • to speak to the world-changing nature of the Transatlantic Slave Trade; and
  • to create the most open possible canvas for other artists to bring their own vision to The World Reimagined.

Watch our Artist Masterclasses!

In the Autumn, we ran a series of Masterclasses which discussed how artists could explore and engage with the themes of The Journey of Discovery when creating their designs for the Globe Trails.

Hosted by our Artistic Director Lady Ashley Shaw Scott Adjaye, they featured some of our amazing artists, board members and partners:

featuring Yinka Shonibare CBE & Nicola Green

featuring Fiona Compton & Professor Matthew Smith

featuring Rt Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin & Michelle Gayle

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