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A future for racial justice – join The World Reimagined Learning Programme

We are inviting schools, colleges and community groups that work with young people to join 200+ UK schools and colleges to take part in The World Reimagined as part of your commitment to racial justice.

Created with artists, teachers and educationalists, our Learning Programme is an experiential and transformative journey for students, teachers and schools, formed of three parts:

  • Learning Outcomes
  • The Resources
  • Teacher Leadership Development

For more on the Learning Programme contact Senior Learning Manager, Sabrina Reid at
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Learning Outcomes

The World Reimagined Learning Programme builds both the knowledge and skills that underpin racial justice, which empower us to overcome our divisions; reject hatred for compassion; move from despair to hope and take actions that make racial justice a reality in our society.

Each part of the programme will focus on developing one or more of the 5 Cs:

    • Compassion I am able to put myself in someone else’s shoes
    • Curiosity I seek additional knowledge through asking thoughtful questions
    • Courage I step bravely into issues that are difficult to understand and hard to discuss
    • Connection I can draw the threads between the history I learn and today’s reality
    • Critical Thinking I use logic to connect the dots. I’m unafraid of reason and challenge

The Resources

Our resources can be used for Primary Schools; Secondary Schools and Colleges:

    • Primary Schools – Our resources focus on the theme of Mother Africa to build a new understanding of where this story begins and enable students to understand, honour and celebrate a vivid history of Africa.
    • Secondary Schools & Colleges – Our resources will include a module for each of the nine themes of the Journey of Discovery, with extension activities that enable you to create the learning experience that is right for your students.


All of our resources are created through unique collaborations between artists and subject matter experts, in partnership with educationalists and teachers. They are both ready to use and ready to adapt to your particular context, and can be used flexibly across the curriculum.

Leadership In Teaching

Teachers play a vital role in helping young people engage with racial justice – in the spaces they create for students and the behaviours and approaches they role model.

Accessible online, our Leadership in Teaching Resources give you:

    • Tips and guides on how to use these resources so that you have the confidence to bring them to life as powerfully as possible for your students; and
    • Insights from leading thinkers and practitioners with reflective practice that will support your development as a racial justice leader and role model in your school community.

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The Globes Created By Our Schools

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Co Creators

Keisha Thompson

Sifiso Mazibuko

Mona Chalabi

Dr Ron Eglash

Matthew J. Smith is Professor of History and Director of the Centre for the Study of the Legacies of British Slavery. Previously he taught at the University of the West Indies, Mona in Jamaica where he was Professor of Caribbean History. His research is pan-Caribbean with special interest in Haiti and Jamaica. Among his publications is Liberty, Fraternity, Exile: Haiti and Jamaica After Emancipation (2014) and Red and Black in Haiti: Radicalism, Conflict and Political Change, 1934-1957 (2009). He is also director of a 2018 documentary film The Past is Not Our Future: Walter Rodney’s Student Years.

Dr. Matthew Smith

Selina Thompson

LaToyah McAllister-Jones

Dr Francisca Okeke

Professor Kehinde Andrews

Merissa Hylton

Rachael Buabeng

Baroness Floella Benjamin

Lanre Bakare

Charlotte Mensah

Inua Ellams

Koby Martin

Chantel is an educator, art writer and consultant based in Accra, Ghana. She is the founder of DēpART consultancy which supports early-career artists in Ghana. Alongside this she runs Beyond the Black Canvas, an online platform exclusively dedicated to the stories and work of artists of African and Caribbean descent. She has an MA in Comparative Education and taught at primary schools in London and The Seychelles, where she used her love of the arts to create impactful and memorable learning experiences for children, seamlessly weaving her knowledge and passion for the African continent. She mentored teachers in the UK, Vanuatu, Ghana and Uganda sharing best practice for unlocking the potential of children identified with SEND and SEMH. She was part of the development team for Meadowsong, an RSPB and WWF sponsored initiative created by composer Kate Stilitz.

Chantel Akworkor Thompson

Partnerships Officer

What People Say

We have really enjoyed working on the Globe and the whole project. It is rare that I have come across a project that is so impactive and potentially far reaching. Thank you so much to you and the team for realising the power of creativity to move people and create change where it is really needed.

VANESSA, St Joseph's Primary Cathedral School, Swansea

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