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We honour and share the work of communities committed to making racial justice a reality.

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For decades, people, organisations and communities have been doing the powerful, often unheralded work of making racial justice a reality and bringing this history into the light.

We approach our task with humility, conscious of the responsibility of doing justice to the history – and all of the lives it represents.

We hope to work with the many people and organisations who have done and are doing powerful work for racial justice - with their expertise, experience and perspective. The World Reimagined will be a platform that serves to honour, celebrate and share that work in a new way, prioritising open, respectful collaboration.
It’s important to showcase to everyone who gets involved with The World Reimagined that this history and the work of racial justice is all around us, even if they haven’t had the chance to engage with it before.

We are working to make it possible to have a community coordinator – locally recruited – in each of our host cities, to make sure the local community is deeply woven into the fabric of The World Reimagined in a number of ways:

A Community Globe

For the tenth Globe on each trail, we will commission an artist to work with local communities to create a Globe that will be deeply connected to place.

Bring Local Stories into The World Reimagined

We want to work with local people and organisations to make sure their local stories, people and histories feature on our digital platform as a key part of people’s experience of The World Reimagined.

Co-creating Spaces for Meaningful Conversations

Working with community groups – both those involved in racial justice work and those new to it - our community coordinators will bring together conversations in safe spaces to explore racial justice in depth.

'Inspired by' programme:

Our community coordinators will support and invite local organisations of all sizes to develop ‘Inspired by’ events and activities connected to The World Reimagined’s Journey of Discovery themes. We will showcase and highlight the activities and events put forward for May-July 2022 that meet the criteria as part of our Inspired by programme. We hope this will build audiences and support for the organisations doing this work.

Enduring legacy:

After the trails leave our host cities, we will auction the Globes to raise funds to:

  • enable the community coordinators to continue their work for 12 months, supporting organisations across our host cities; and
  • create a grant-making programme for racial justice projects and organisations across the UK.

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