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Hear the experiences and insights of experts and practitioners in creating change, so we can uplift one another.

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Take a peek inside one of Liverpool’s oldest heritage arts hubs. Originally a school, the building is now home to artists, makers and creators and is an essential part of the Liverpool City Region experience. This event is open to university students in LCR only. Book now via :

The Bluecoat Tour

The Bluecoat,
Hosted By: International Strategy Delivery Group (ISDG)

A Celebration of Black arts, creative writing, dance/drum, performance, film and Black business.


We invite you to partake in free recreational activities and experience the power of melanin excellence. There will be an ensemble of creative activities celebrating the art and culture of the African diaspora.



Creative writing workshops with The Goddess Projects. Suitable for beginners.



African drum and dance workshop with Riddim n Roots.



Liverpool Hip Hop Festival continue performances.



Liverpool African Diaspora Film Network film screening followed by a Q&A discussion. Free refreshments will be provided by Desserts by Dre and Yamm Tree.


Black businesses will have products available for purchase throughout the day.



Palm House, Sefton Park
Hosted By: BlaST and The World Reimagined

As part of ‘The Stalls Leeds’ Black History Month programme, to illuminate and champion inspiring Black talent of African and Caribbean heritage, we bring you: ‘Leeds Black Art, Charity & Enterprise Festival’.

Leeds Black Art, Charity & Enterprise Festival

30/09/2022 - 02/10/2022
Fri: 10am-4pm | Sat & Sun 11am-4pm
Leeds City Museum,
Hosted By: OOBBAA aka The Stalls Leeds

Taking place over two days in the heart of Brixton, we offer a diverse, quality shopping and cultural experience celebrating producers of the African & Caribbean community. If you’re looking for gifts, cards, unique prints, jewellery, male grooming kits, skincare, clothes or other original accessories come down!


This market truly embodies the community’s spirit as well as supporting black businesses.

Black Culture Market (Black History Month Edition)

01/10/2022 - 02/10/2022
11am-5pm each day
Downstairs at The Department Store
Hosted By: Black Culture Market

The Unlearning Racism course engages white people and communities to unlearn racism, to increase anti-racist understanding and race analysis in mainstream thought. Through our courses we hope to mobilise white people and communities towards collective action to dismantle the structures and systems of white supremacy.

Unlearning Racism – Online Evening Course

6pm-8:30pm Every Other Wednesday until January 2023
Hosted By: Racial Justice Network

Join us for this amazing tour and find out more about the first university building in Liverpool with everything from art pieces to historical artefacts, it’s a journey not to be missed. This event is open to students studying in LCR only. Book now


Victoria Gallery and Museum Tour

Victoria Gallery and Museum
Hosted By: International Strategy Delivery Group (ISDG)

Challenging racism and injustice – a talk, presentation and discussion by multi-award winning artist and human rights campaigner Zita Holbourne—one of The World Reimagined commissioned globe artists. Zita will talk about the creative process of painting her globe, entitled Still We Strive, inclu the images and words featured, flecting on her personal identity, heritage and journey and work as a human rights and equality campaigner, using art as a tool to raise awareness, educate and amplify voices.

Embracing Identity

022 Hopkins Room Stratford Library
Hosted By: BARAC UK

Join the actor as he talks about his career so far and his forthcoming memoir, ‘Little Big Man’ – the powerful true story of his journey to rise from the ashes of his mother’s mental illness, discover himself and heal from a harrowing and troubled past.

An evening with Stanley J Browne

Highfields Library
Hosted By: Leicester City Council: Neighbourhood Services

Join us for a free lunchtime tour of our exhibition Slavery & the Bank, led by our curators. Slavery & the Bank explores how the wealth created through transatlantic slavery shaped the development of Britain. Tours will focus on the Bank of England’s connections to transatlantic slavery and the slave trade. Tours take place at 12pm and last approximately 20 minutes. They are free, and no booking is necessary. Please arrive 10 minutes early to avoid queues as you enter the museum.

Lunchtime Curator Tour of Slavery & the Bank

Bank of England Museum
Hosted By: Bank of England Museum

Yomi Ṣode’s debut collection Manorism explores family, survival, generational trauma and the complexities of belonging – it is an examination of the lives of Black British men and boys. Join us for a fun, heart-warming, heart-breaking, immersive adaptation experimenting with live poetry, dance, projection and music. In a Southbank Centre commission, the poet’s examination of the lives of Black British men and boys is adapted for the stage.

Manorism: An Adaptation by Yomi Ṣode

06/10/2022 - 08/10/2022
Southbank Centre
Hosted By: Yomi Sode

Join Graffiti artists Kyle Legall to explore using stencil techniques to create your own customised clothing. Kyle was recently commissioned to create a Community Globe as part of the UK wide sculpture project ‘the World Reimagined’, now on display at the gallery. Please bring old clothes, T-shirts, tote bags, shirts, jumpers, coats…and give them a new lease of life!


This session has Swansea bay bus tickets available on request Free, £3 donation welcome. Booking essential.

Call 01792 516900 or book online.

Art Force: Clothing customisation and stencilling workshop with artist Kyle Legall

Glynn Vivian Art Gallery,
Hosted By: Glynn Vivian Art Gallery

Join us for a free lunchtime tour of our exhibition Slavery & the Bank, led by our curators. Slavery & the Bank explores how the wealth created through transatlantic slavery shaped the development of Britain. Tours will focus on the Bank of England’s connections to transatlantic slavery and the slave trade. Tours take place at 12pm and last approximately 20 minutes. They are free, and no booking is necessary. Please arrive 10 minutes early to avoid queues as you enter the museum.

Lunchtime Curator Tour of Slavery & the Bank

Bank of England Museum
Hosted By: Bank of England Museum

Barber B recounts tales from five decades of personal turmoil and triumph. Along with sharing his story he’ll showcase his gift to the world – The Method – a unique way of training barbers to cut hair.

Barber B: The Journey

Piranha Hair Studio
Hosted By: Piranha Hair Studio

Our monthly meeting takes place at the Settlement on Barton Hill. Our September and October meetings will involve working with the local Somali community in sharing our life stories.


Barton Hill Memory Cafe

The Settlement
Hosted By: Barton Hill History Group

Creative Expression Workshops – Pilot exploring the relationship of culturally sensitive advocacy and therapy.


CommYounity Unite



CommYOUnity UNITE is a grassroot voluntary organisation designed around YOU the individual. Meeting and supporting YOU where you’re at, to access secure, safe, quality advice, guidance, and support at the moment it’s needed, taking into consideration your past, present and future.

We aim to provide flexibility to meet the needs of the individual throughout the different stages of their journey of knowledge and empowerment.



Our vision is to create a truly inclusive system that holistically interweaves around the individual removing the rigidity of responses received within services to reflect a more holistic and equitable service wrapped around the need of the individual.



CommYOUnity Unite was birthed out of the Black Advocates Training Programme 2019 lead by Jacqui Dyer that addressed the lack of culturally appropriate advocacy for individuals and their families within the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Based on our work and collective lived experiences in the areas of housing, education, mental health, social care, disabilities and the criminal justice system both within voluntary and statuary services, we found a common theme of high disproportionality outcomes within Black and ethnic communities threaded throughout multiple services, that lacked a targeted experience to better inform wider practice from an intersectional lens.

This led us to look within the wider community to form a culturally sensitive advocacy service that aims to provide a continuity of care fused with a wraparound service that promotes independence, supports social integration in a holistic, therapeutic, and empowering way.


Fragmented Pieces – Fragmented for WHO?

Meta Plex VR LTD
Hosted By: CommYounity Unite

Jazz up your poetic writing style with this creative and interactive poetry masterclass led by Ella Otowemo. In this masterclass, you will utilise your strength and skills as an artist to transform your writing; from suffering into joy, move between art forms, adapt to creativity, and shift narratives. The masterclass will be set off with a gentle physical warm-up, including movement, dance, and stretching to music to shake off the day and become grounded in the room.⁠

Poetry masterclass to all Poets, Writers and Spoken Word Artists

B:music Symphony Hall
Hosted By: We Don't Settle

With Birmingham now nearing 70% pupils of colour in its schools how good are our schools in ensuring race equality and equity are centre stage?

This is the central question of BRIG’s ‘Birmingham Schools Race Summit’ as we seek to determine where we are at as a City, what needs improving and how we go about it.

The summit will include lived experience contributions from pupils, teachers, educators, school leaders, teaching unions and academics. It will highlight what needs to change and the good practice that can make this happen.

Join us to drive the change required to shift the dial in making Birmingham’s schools front and centre to realising an anti-racist city.

Full summit programme and speakers to be announced shortly.

Birmingham Schools Race Summit

Matthew Boulton College
Hosted By: BRIG

Liverpool’s newest adventure, The World Reimagined globe trail tells the tale of aspects of our hidden history and brings to life stories which we will explore together. This event is open to university students in LCR. Book now via:

The World Reimagined Walking Tour

Liverpool City Centre
Hosted By: International Strategy Delivery Group (ISDG)

This event is open to university students in LCR. Discover hidden treasures from ancient Egypt and beyond, meet the resident mummy and more! Book now via:

Garstang Museum Tour

Garstang Museum
Hosted By: International Strategy Delivery Group (ISDG)

Live performance telling the story of Roy Hackett, one man that changed black history, changed all of England’s history by his action. The Bristol Bus Boycott 1963 culminated in the changing the law in the UK and ushering in the new Race Relations Act in parliament, which stands today.

The Roy Hackett Story

Stratford Youth Zone
Hosted By: BTL JAZZ

Enjoy inspiring talks, photographic exhibitions, and digitally interactive activities that tell the rich story of Caribbean people in Leicester.

Experience Caribbean culture with music and food while connecting with local artists, performers and community organisations whose stories and lives are connected to the archive. Introduced by Leicester’s first African Caribbean Lord Mayor, Cllr George Cole.

Carry Come Bring: Leicester Caribbean Archive

African Caribbean Centre
Hosted By: The Stephen Lawrence Research Centre, De Montfort University

Join us for a free lunchtime tour of our exhibition Slavery & the Bank, led by our curators. Slavery & the Bank explores how the wealth created through transatlantic slavery shaped the development of Britain. Tours will focus on the Bank of England’s connections to transatlantic slavery and the slave trade. Tours take place at 12pm and last approximately 20 minutes. They are free, and no booking is necessary. Please arrive 10 minutes early to avoid queues as you enter the museum.

Lunchtime Curator Tour of Slavery & the Bank

Bank of England Museum
Hosted By: Bank of England Museum

Date: 21st Oct 4pm FREE In-Person Event. Be part of this fascinating tour which unveils some of Liverpool’s hidden black history. Starting from China Town it’s an exploration into the past. This event is open to university students in LCR only. Book now via:

1919 Walking Tour

Meeting point: Chinatown
Hosted By: International Strategy Delivery Group (ISDG)

Spoken word Ros Martin with Music by Alphonse Daudet Touna featuring ‘playing games chanting rhymes to the rhythm of our lives’ plus other readings Q & A & book signing.


Hosted By:

The UK’s first youth reggae choir, for 8-19 year olds.

Reggae Roots Choir

10/09/2022 - 22/10/2022
Every Saturday 10am-12pm
Music House
Hosted By: Geraldine Connor Foundation

African Holistic Dance Community Healing Circle


You are invited to join us for an evening of Reflection, Release and Celebration led by Sandra Golding.


Come connect and activate your ancestral healing energy to live music while performing ‘Sankofa’.


Saturday 22nd October 6pm-11pm (Drum call & Libation 7pm)


Dress code: White optional


Limited spaces, book early to avoid disappointment.


Tickets: £35 includes entry to market place, vegan meal and gift


Paypal and bank transfer payments accepted.

The Gathering

The Pavilion (Former Aston wellbeing centre)
Hosted By: Moving tu Balance

FREE In-Person event Join us to discover an essential history of enslaved people at the only museum of its kind in the world. This event is open to university students in LCR only.


Book now:

International Slavery Museum Visit

International Slavery Museum,
Hosted By: International Strategy Delivery Group (ISDG)

In Conversation with… Celeste Mohammed

Leicester Central Library
Hosted By: Leicester City Council: Neighbourhood Services

An opportunity for people of all ages, races, faiths and genders to come together and celebrate the diversity in our local community while also supporting a local black owned business.

SACHA Coffee Club

07/09/2022 - 26/10/2022
Every Wednesday 10am-11:30am
Heimat Coffee
Hosted By: Southport African Caribbean Heritage Association

Join us for a free lunchtime tour of our exhibition Slavery & the Bank, led by our curators. Slavery & the Bank explores how the wealth created through transatlantic slavery shaped the development of Britain. Tours will focus on the Bank of England’s connections to transatlantic slavery and the slave trade. Tours take place at 12pm and last approximately 20 minutes. They are free, and no booking is necessary. Please arrive 10 minutes early to avoid queues as you enter the museum.

Lunchtime Curator Tour of Slavery & the Bank

Bank of England Museum
Hosted By: Bank of England Museum

Take a peek inside one of Liverpool’s oldest heritage arts hubs. Originally a school, the building is now home to artists, makers and creators and is an essential part of the Liverpool City Region experience. This event is open to university students in LCR only. Book now via :

The Bluecoat Tour

The Bluecoat,
Hosted By: International Strategy Delivery Group (ISDG)
The World Reimagined Globe arts trail with history of Swanseas involvement in the Transatlantic Trade in Enslaved Africans and the history of Africa heritage people in the city.


This globe arts trail for The World Reimagined not only takes visitors around the 10 stunning art globes but it also highlights significant points of interest connected to the history of Swansea’s involvement in the transatlantic enslavement of African people and the campaigns to end it. Tying information in with the various globe locations and the individual globe themes, the trail seeks to share knowledge on lesser-known histories as well more contemporary histories of African heritage people in the city.


We are sure that visitors will be both intrigued and inspired by the art, history, genius and celebration of the contributions of African heritage people that will be shared.


The tours are currently available as group bookings only. Prices start at £200 including VAT for community groups and schools, and up to £600 for corporate groups. There is no minimum number of attendees but numbers are capped at 20.


Caribbean refreshments are available on request.

Bespoke Swansea Walking Tour

01/09/2022 - 30/10/2022
To be agreed
Hosted By: Cleo Lake

Join us for a free lunchtime tour of our exhibition Slavery & the Bank, led by our curators. Slavery & the Bank explores how the wealth created through transatlantic slavery shaped the development of Britain. Tours will focus on the Bank of England’s connections to transatlantic slavery and the slave trade. Tours take place at 12pm and last approximately 20 minutes. They are free, and no booking is necessary. Please arrive 10 minutes early to avoid queues as you enter the museum.

Lunchtime Curator Tour of Slavery & the Bank

Bank of England Museum
Hosted By: Bank of England Museum

We are back and BIGGER than ever! We are so excited to announce this AMAZING and UNIQUE opportunity across BRISTOL and LONDON. BOOK NOW – EARLY BIRD – LIMITED TIME ONLY A Journey from West Africa through the Wider African Diaspora • Five Intensive Workshops in Dance, Music, Folklore, and Storytelling leading up to SABAR FAMILY FESTIVAL (3rd-4th December 2022) • 25 hours of professional dance training: Sabar (traditional Senegalese), Djembe (Guinea), Afro-Brazilian, Samba Reggae, Afro-Fusion, Experimental AfriCaribbean Contemporary, and Afrobeats.


24/09/2022 - 04/12/2022
Various Sat & Sunday Workshops
Various Venues in Bristol and/or London

An Arts Council Collection Touring Exhibition, explores themes such as migration, the changing nature and reimagining of cities and how we live in them. It includes artists such as Vanley Burke, Helen Cammock, Melanie Smith, and Suzanne Triester.

Exhibition: The World We Live In, Art and the Urban Environment

17/09/2022 - 08/01/2023
10am-5pm Tues-Sun. Closed Mon, except Bank Hols
Glynn Vivian Art Gallery
Hosted By: Glynn Vivian Art Gallery

This exhibition highlights the contribution of Indians and Pakistanis to twentieth century conflict through the family stories of Bristol residents of the World Wars and Partition.

We Were Everywhere

01/10/2022 - 15/01/2023
10am-4pm daily
Bristol Museum and Art Gallery
Hosted By: British Empire and Commonwealth Collection (BECC)
A collaboration between award-winning writer, Yomi Ṣode, and artist and photographer, Akytom, this display questions where we place empathy.
If we see a Black man lying in the road, what is being asked of us? What is our instinctive response? Ṣode’s words and Akytom’s images are a call for radical empathy.Radical empathy, a concept developed by Terri Givens, Professor of Political Science at McGill University, is more active than sympathy. It involves working to understand not just the experiences and views of others, but the origins of our own biases, in order to turn understanding into practical action for change to promote social and racial justice.

“For me, radical empathy challenges the behaviour of people. It asks the individual to look beyond themselves and care in ways that sit outside of their comfort zones. Whether that is the one person in a group of friends, or the colleague in workplace. Empathy shouldn’t be handed out in doses. A universal approach to empathy first, requires reframing.”  Yomi Ṣode

Manorism, a collection of Ṣode’s poetry, is published this autumn by Penguin and will be available from the Museum shop.

Radical Empathy

13/09/2022 - 15/01/2023
10am-5pm Tues-Sat | 11am-5pm Sun
Foundling Museum
Hosted By: Foundling Museum

List your

Are you holding an event between August and October 2022 that shares The Spirit of The World Reimagined?

We would love to share and showcase your work towards making racial justice a reality, whether in our Host Cities, elsewhere in the UK or online.

We can list your event – FOR FREE – if you provide us with the details. Let us help you spread the word!


Tell us about your event

Community Partners

The purpose of our INSPIRE programme is to support the people and organisations doing the work of making racial equality a reality to continue and grow their work – and to share it with more people.

Supported by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, we were delighted to be able to award grants of more than £75,000 to incredible community organisations who share our mission to make racial justice a reality:

Peckham Platform is a creative and educational charity based in Peckham, south London. We bring local communities together with leading artists to co-produce social art that responds directly to the needs and concerns of the people involved.

Peckham Platform

Art Responders is dedicated to creating opportunities for cultural engagement as a conduit to racial, environmental and restorative justice. We believe in the power of arts participation and grassroots community building to counteract rising threats to civil rights and liberties, and to empower those who are underserved or ignored by the cultural and political establishment.

Art Responders

Piranha Hair Studio & Piranha Barber Academy

Seki – like “say hi” with a ‘k’ – is a performance poet, writer and ex-bar manager for his sins. Originally from Leeds, he spent his 20’s in London where he graduated with a BA in Creative Writing and English Literature from the University of Westminster. Seki has written for print and digital publications, creative agencies, art and science events, museums and himself. Subjects range from music, hypnosis, motor neurone disease, samurai, mycelium, romance, travel, therapeutic psychedelics, depression, billionaires and, of course, booze. Since first intoxicated by drinks history after finding out about Hemingway daiquiris, he’s served pisco sours in Peru and designed serious cocktails with silly names for several UK establishments. He has performed numerous times at the Pint of Science and Curious Arts festivals at varying degrees of inebriation. His writing and poetry has appeared in Root and Bone and the International Times. Seki was shortlisted for the Grindstone Literary Poetry prize in 2018. His first book, Ten Drinks that Changed the World is globally distributed by ACC Art Books.

Seki Lynch Creative

Birmingham Race Impact Group


Our mission is to collect, preserve and celebrate the histories of people of African and Caribbean descent in the UK and to inspire and give strength to individuals, communities, and society.


Black Cultural Archives grew from a community response to the New Cross Massacre (1981), the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (1984); underachievement of Black children in British schools, the failings of the Race Relations Act 1976, and the negative impacts of racism against, and a lack of popular recognition of, and representation by people of African and Caribbean descent in the UK.


Our founders, including the iconic Len Garrison, came to the conclusion that what was needed was a space where members of the community, especially young people, could come and find positive representations of themselves in history and culture. This act of self-help expanded into the creation of what our founders called an ‘archive museum’ that evidenced and painted a more comprehensive picture of Black presence in Britain.


Black Cultural Archives is the home of Black British History.


We use our mission to collect, preserve and celebrate the histories of people of African and Caribbean descent in the UK and to inspire and give strength to individuals, communities and society.


Our HQ is 1 Windrush Square in Brixton, London.


At our HQ we run a series of gallery exhibitions, educational programmes and public engagement events. We provide free access to our unique set of archives, museum objects and reference library.


We have become the leading non-governmental and heritage institutional voice for the Windrush Generation. We are part of the Windrush Action Group and the Windrush National Organising Committee.


BCA’s network includes current collaborations with the Universities of Roehampton and Kings College.


We are leaders in the heritage sector for our work on workforce diversity, and we are interrogating decolonial archival practices.

Black Cultural Archives

Official Globe Partner

Bristol Ballroom Community is a LGBTQ+ BIPOC group that is part of the international ballroom scene. The ballroom scene consists of balls which mix performance, dance, lip-syncing, modelling, fashion and art. The balls are divided into various categories which people “walk” for trophies or “Grand Prizes”. Bristol’s ballroom scene will be hosting its very first Vogue Ball on the 13th of August 2022!

The Bristol Ballroom Community

Microgrant Partner

"Changing Lives through Movement"

Capoeira for All CIC

Partnership Grant

Carry Come Bring – Leicester’s African Caribbean Archive

Partnership Grant

First Contact 2.0 is a training and service user engagement service. It is a Community Interest Company (CIC) derived from and responding to the identified needs of individuals and collective to affect social change. Our aim is to impact on the negative disadvantage and experience of individuals, families or groups who find access to meaningful engagement a barrier to services. The challenges that differing realities pose from provider to service recipient can cause potential barriers to moving forwards for many. Society’s norms and values can sometimes pose the real problem in hindering progression in peoples’ lives due to poor awareness, knowledge and misunderstanding between stakeholders.

First Contact 2.0

Microgrant Partner

GAP work is shaped and informed by London’s Black AND UNDER-REPRESENTED communities through a series of innovative digital and in-person research and development activities. GAP Fest will meet their needs, demands and aspirations for a more inclusive creative sector that does not marginalise their work or consider it niche. The festival will be followed by ongoing engagement activities with the same creatives and communities to continue developing GAP Fest.


GAP Fest has a long-term mission to celebrate those who remain under the umbrella of under-representation and the presentation of Black creativity, limited engagement with Black audiences and the financial barriers Black communities face in accessing London’s mainstream arts sector.


Microgrant Partner

The Geraldine Connor Foundation (GCF) was established in 2012 to continue the work and vision of Geraldine Connor. We are an arts charity that celebrates cultural forms from across the globe in a collaborative and supportive environment.


Our primary beneficiaries are young people aged 12-25 years with diverse ethnicities, from low-income households living in the Leeds city region. In 2021 we worked with 345 young people across 11 projects. These projects included Represent exploring neglected industrial narratives with young people and Where We Are reinterpreting the history of Harewood House and its connections to the transatlantic trade in enslaved Africans.


GCF’s mission is to bring people together through arts and culture. We are a cultural organisation that works at an intersection between heritage and the arts. Our work starts from an African Caribbean perspective, opening up conversations about identity, hidden narratives, and representation in British society. We co-produce work with young people from minority ethnic backgrounds giving freedom to explore culture in its broadest forms. We believe that exploring cultural heritage with young people enables them to start forming their own identities and understand the modern world they live in.


We are currently working on a project Jam Around the Table through funding from Leeds Community Foundation – Addressing Mental Health Inequalities in Minority Ethnic Groups. The young people involved in this project have been taking part in regular singing and lyric writing workshops, they have expressed an interest in performing and singing together more regularly. The Reggae Roots choir would give them this opportunity.


Over 10 years we have built a wealth of experience working with young people in a variety of ways on cultural projects. GCF Creative Associates, Christella Litras and Sheila Howarth will lead the project musically and through their work on the Jam Around the Table project initiated the idea of a Reggae Choir for young people.

Geraldine Connor Foundation

Partnership Grant

Established in 2015 and named after Yvonne Humble, the founder of Rosetta Arts, The Humble Gallery responds to the cultural life within Newham, and its neighboring boroughs, connecting the diverse cultural communities of east London through art and the work of artists based locally across the relevant diasporas.


Our vision is to inspire and connect with people in our communities with art that resonates and is in dialogue with their own cultural lives. Trisha McCauley is a photographer and Director of The Humble Gallery and has over 15 years of experience in community arts, education. Trisha has a special interest in Caribbean artists, the diaspora and heritage.

The Humble Gallery

Microgrant Partner

The Institute is a part of The Henry Moore Foundation, set up by the sculptor Henry Moore (1898-1986) in 1977 to encourage appreciation of the visual arts, especially sculpture.


The Institute is firmly rooted in Leeds, where we work in partnership with Leeds Art Gallery to manage the sculpture collection and archive of Leeds Museums and Galleries, a collaboration that has built one of the strongest public collections of sculpture in Britain.


We are tasked with the responsibility to study sculpture, with our role to make a significant impact on the future of art history, placing sculpture right at the centre. We achieve this through an exhibitions and research programme that consistently re-thinks how we understand sculpture today, continuing Moore’s legacy by making sculpture a necessary and relevant part of contemporary culture.

Henry Moore Institute, Leeds

Partnership Grant

The Liverpool Royal Court is one of the city's leading theatre venues. It has a long standing Youth Theatre programme, designed by young people for young people delivering a range of opportunities free of charge for young people aged 11–25 from every part of the city. Also under the theatre's umbrella is Boisterous Theatre Company which began in 2018 a platform to showcase new work from Black, Asian and ethnically diverse creatives, set up by Royal Court veterans.

Liverpool’s Royal Court Theatre (Youth Theatre & Boisterous Theatre Company)

Partnership Grant

"Making Change is a creative hub that seeks to use digital media and creative art to help individuals with complex needs to express themselves in a safe and nurturing environment."

Making Change Studios

Partnership Grant

Music House is a registered charitable trust which has been going strong for over 125 years.


Music House offers 1:1 music and singing lessons, group ensembles, music theory, choral direction and music taster courses.


For this project the Music House will be welcoming the choir into their house for rehearsals and access to their resources for free. They will provide the marketing and communication support for the project. Promoting the activity and profiling the project in Leeds to engage participants and audiences.


Music House

Partnership Grant

"We use the arts to create new work that challenges mental health stigma and discrimination and that supports the wellbeing of racialised and marginalised communities."
Nick Schlittner

We are a Black led organisation that uses the arts to challenge mental stigma and discrimination in racialised and marginalised communities. We work in communities and with professional and emerging artists with lived experience of mental health issues to create new art and performances that give voice to people whose views and experiences are rarely heard. Through our work we aim to stimulate conversations and introduce new and positive ways of thinking about mental health and wellbeing. We have been working in Birmingham for four years and working nationally since 2013. We are a guest producer of the Birmingham Bedlam Mental Health Festival and currently consulting on and delivering a training programme for artists to enable them to work in closed and community mental health settings which is funded by the Baring Foundation. Peoples Health Trust have recently funded us to deliver a drop-in and arts development programme for Birmingham residents with mental health challenges and Revealed, a play that we co-produced with Rites of Passage Productions will begin a national tour this winter. Last year we worked with Birmingham Museums to produce Windrush Culture a celebration and reinterpretation of the work of artists from the Windrush Generation. Our annual StereoHype Arts Festival will celebrate its 20th anniversary in October, at the Midlands Art Centre in Birmingham, with a day of music, theatre, performance and creative workshops celebrating the mental health and wellbeing of Black African and Caribbean communities across the UK.

The Red Earth Collective

Partnership Grant

Rosetta Arts

Microgrant Partner

Established in North Birmingham in 2016, Smoking Bagels quickly rose to notoriety for bringing a ‘hole lotta flavour to the quick food scene. We have a passion for the world’s best herbs and spices and we celebrate the communities they belong to!

Smoking Bagels

Microgrant Partner

The Stephen Lawrence Research Centre is an invaluable resource for any school on their journey of becoming anti-racist, and we are so privileged to have you on our door step. Never fail to recognise the impact you make, hundreds and even thousands of young people are being affected by what you do. This should give us all hope for the future!
N Boyce, Winstanley School

Inspired by the loan of archival materials by Baroness Doreen Lawrence, the SLRC has a mission to extend the legacy of Stephen Lawrence’s life and his family’s ongoing pursuit of juice by producing, supporting and innovatively communicating groundbreaking, impact-oriented research that influences public dialogues, promotes social justice, fosters inclusion, and engenders equity on a local, national and global scale. The SLRC aims to become a hub of innovative and world-leading interdisciplinary research in the following four target areas:

  • Histories and cultures of Black, Asian and racially minoritised peoples in the UK
  • The concept and practice of institutional racism
  • Denials of justice
  • The social psychology of racial violence

The SLRC also comprises of an exhibition space drawn from the Stephen Lawrence Archive that chronicles the Lawrence family’s 25-year journey towards justice in the aftermath of Stephen Lawrence’s tragic death.

The Stephen Lawrence Research Centre

Partnership Grant

I grew up a mixed-race foster child in the rural white heartland of North Yorkshire in the 1960s. With a degree in Italian, I went on to work for 10 years in the Italian Embassy in Washington DC and then as a government press officer in Leeds serving the regional briefs of Whitehall departments such as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Department for International Trade.


Now as a freelance writer I harness my communications background with my experience as a woman of colour in the UK and abroad to explore themes of racial identity in my presentations. In Hair Apparent – A Voyage Around My Roots our natural inheritance of Black hair becomes an inspirational journey of resilience, versatility and creativity.

Tina Shingler

Partnership Grant

Speak Woman Speak is an all female Leeds based theatre company.They make devised work highlighting hidden stories about women from diverse backgrounds.

Speak Woman Speak

Partnership Grant

The walking and dialogue project is run by Ahmad with the support of Aicha who has previously facilitated the group at Oblong Charity. During the walking and dialogue sessions, groups have engaged in conversations around ‘the future’ and ‘multiculturalism’. Group members are paired and given questions to inspire dialogue and to support them to learn about dialogue skills while walking.

At The World Reimagined event, we will be exploring the themes of  Echoes in the Present and Reimagining the Future. Participants will engage in dialogue around systemic inequalities and injustice, entrenched racism and prejudices and the traumatic consequences of colonialism and the transatlantic trade in enslaved Africans. More so, the dialogue will allow participants to share their ideas, visions and hopes for the future.

The Walking and Dialogue Project

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Meet the
Community Team

Asher is a community developer, artist and yoga teacher living in Leeds. He uses the arts to bring people together and challenge the norms of modern culture. His freelance work engages with marginalised communities in novel ways which demands a constant acquisition of new skills. He has a MA in Peace and Development from Leeds Beckett, is a qualified yoga teacher, and has a diverse portfolio of skills and professional experiences.

Asher Jael

Community Coordinator

Community Administrator

Bettina Ogbomoide

Community Administrator

With a passion for creative learning and development, Carolyn has worked with businesses, charities, communities and educators to design and deliver behaviour intervention and empower positive change. Since founding Amulinde Consulting, she has worked with leading change makers such as Diversity & Ability, Diversity Resources International, BeetFreaks and Always Possible, to design and deliver engaging learning environments for diverse communities, from executive education to youth development. Carolyn brings a multi-dimensional expertise – including research, facilitation, design, strategy and operations –enabling her to lead projects from conception to delivery.

Carolyn Baguma

Senior Community Manager

Of African-Jamaican and Scottish roots, Cleo is a community engagement professional, researcher, has been involved within the arts and culture sector for over two decades and is the former Lord Mayor of Bristol (2018-2019). During her term as a Green Party Councillor, she was instrumental in getting a Reparations and Atonement motion passed at Bristol City Council for Bristol’s role in the Transatlantic Traffic in Enslaved Africans. Cleo is driven by the idea of utilising creativity, dance and expanded performance to aid civic engagement and to reframe storytelling as a resilience tool to embed cultural knowledge, empathy, understanding and cohesion.

Cleo Lake

Community Coordinator
Bristol & Swansea

Corazon is a digital journalist, artist and creative facilitator, born in Uganda and raised in East London. Corazon’s professional career has consisted of live events, operations and logistics management, where she enjoyed success working with major brands and implementing improvements that transformed the quality of services and work environments. The pandemic inspired meaningful redirection away from the corporate, toward social enterprise and community-related projects. The much needed career change aligned with her personal evolution and a renewed desire to have a positive impact. As an artist and creative she channels a strong spirit of activism. Whether through content creation, music production or the curation of art. Her artistry promotes radical self reflection and self love – emotionally, politically or otherwise.

Corazon Baguma

Community Coordinator

Garry was born and raised a stone’s throw from Birmingham city centre, surrounded by its rich industrial heritage. As a citizen, historian and community activist, he represents the voice of the people in a story that connects us all on a local, national and global level.

Garry Stewart

Community Coordinator

Janiece is an artist with a background in music and dance, as well as visual and performing arts. She has many years of experience working in the youth and community sector; engaging people through arts workshops with positive social messages such as anti-violence, diversity, equality and inclusion, and personal development.

Janiece Myers

Community Coordinator
Liverpool City Region

Over her extensive career, Tara has straddled the lines between arts and heritage for the benefit and empowerment of Black people. She has worked for a number of minority lead arts organisations in and around Leicester, as a trainee curator role at Leicester Museum Service and has also worked with organisations such as the VIctorian and Albert Museum and The Race Equality Centre. Her exhibition ‘Together we won the War’ was rated seventh nationally among projects supported by the National Heritage Lottery in 2016. Tara founded Opal22 Arts and Edutainment to bridge the gap between mainstream public organisations and the diverse members of her community and to promote Black excellence to the masses.

Tara Munroe

Community Coordinator

The World Reimagined is a company limited by guarantee (#1250114) and a registered charity (#115223). 

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