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Together, we can create a future in which all can say:
I am seen.

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To create a world that embraces the dignity of all, we must recognise a simple truth: We are our history.

We honour and share the work of communities committed to making racial justice a reality.

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Out Now! The World Reimagined Book

Buy your copy of this unique collection of original poetry and support our learning programme!

Project Aikido showcase Globes at Burning Man Festival 2024!

Project Aikido showcase Globes at Burning Man Festival 2024!

Find Out About Our Exhibitions & Explore the Globes

The World Reimagined created 103 unique globes across the UK exploring the history, legacy and future of the Transatlantic Trade in Enslaved Africans through the work of incredible artists.

Exhibition at the National Maritime Museum Exhibition at Rhodes House, Oxford Explore all the Globes

36 Globes at the National Maritime Museum in the summer of 2023! Incredible artworks that were been inspired by the Journey of Discovery and the communities in which they are hosted.


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At exhibition of 18 Globes at Rhodes House, Oxford during summer & autumn 2023!

Let's go!

Explore the 103 unique Globes that were created by artists for The World Reimagined – see the designs, meet the artists and discover what inspired them.

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Journey of

Go on a Journey of Discovery through our shared history, present and future.

Each of the Globes speaks to one of the nine themes of the Journey of Discovery – ranging from Mother Africa through The Reality of Being Enslaved and Echoes in the Present – which give us the opportunity to reimagine our past, present and future.


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Find out about and get involved with people and organisations working to make racial justice a reality.

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Explore the events and activities near you – exhibitions, workshops, performances, cook-offs and more – bringing people together to  reimagine the future we can create.

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We were honoured to give more than £75,000 in INSPIRE grants to these incredible people and organisations. Find out more about and connect with them here!

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If you have an event / activity / exhibition taking place between the 13 August – 31 October 2022 that contributes to the mission of making racial justice a reality, please list your event with us so we can promote it to our trail visitors!

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The World Reimagined Learning Programme empowers schools, colleges and community groups working with young people to create a future where racial justice is better understood.

Created with artists, teachers and educationalists, our Learning Programme is an experiential and transformative journey for students, teachers and school communities.

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A New Generation For Racial Justice

Created with artists, teachers and educationalists, The World Reimagined Learning Programme is an experiential and transformative journey that empowers students, teachers and school communities to create a future for racial justice racial justice.

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Created through unique collaborations between artists and subject experts in partnership with educationalists and teachers, our resources for both primary and secondary students are ready to use and can be adapted across  the curriculum.


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Across our host cities, pupils and students have created their own small Learning Globes in response to their work on racial justice and reimagining the future. We have been amazed and inspired at the incredible creativity and imagination of the hundreds of young people who have conceived and created these Globes, which are on display in collections in public spaces near the main Globe Trails.

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