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At The World Reimagined, we are dedicated to making social justice a reality. That calls on us all to courageously face our shared history with honesty, empathy and grace so we can create a new future in which all can say: I am seen. By fully celebrating the rich tapestry of our shared history we create limitless possibilities for our future. Our unique exhibitions feature a stunning collection of globe sculptures, each painted by Black British, Caribbean and U.K. artists. These vibrant works of art showcase their exceptional talent whilst serving as a powerful medium to narrate compelling stories of resilience, creativity, and progress.


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By hosting one of our exhibitions, you will not only be sharing the profound narratives of Black history and excellence but also contributing to a brighter and more inclusive future for all. Join us in this important mission and let the stories of our artists inspire, educate, and ignite conversations in your city.

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The World Reimagined is a company limited by guarantee (#1250114) and a registered charity (#115223). 

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