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The Community LEGACY Grant: We’ve awarded £40,000 to UK Community Groups this Winter!


Can’t Blame Da Youth, with beaming smiles at Nottingham Carnival.


To boost community organisations across the United Kingdom engaged in racial justice work, a total of £40,000 has been awarded through our Community Legacy Grant Scheme this winter season. The initiative, designed to support and empower local groups, distributed £35,000 across various host cities, with an additional £5,000 contributed by Oxford University to aid an extra community project within their local area.

This year’s grant recipients represent a diverse and impactful array of organisations dedicated to racial justice and community betterment. The winners include:

Mahogany Market (Leeds: Creating a platform for entrepreneurs from the African & Caribbean diaspora to trade within their local community).

Liverpool Advocates for Windrush (Liverpool City Region): stand at the forefront of addressing the injustices arising from the Windrush scandal. 

Can’t Blame da Youth (Leicester): help children and young people explore history and culture in multicultural Leicester.

Sunshine Kitchen Afrikoko (Swansea): a community food project at the Swansea Wellbeing Center, accessed by those on the social and economic margins.

Bristol Black Carers (Bristol):  a multi award-winning charity committed to providing person-centred and holistic services.

Retired Caribbean Nurses Association (London): is an exhibition and oral history project that chronicals the experiences of retired nurses, who have been recruited from the Caribbean from 1949 onwards. 

MasterPeace Academy (Birmingham): MasterPeace Academy is a culturally relevant jewellery academy based in Birmingham’s famous Jewellery Quarter U.K.

Fusion Arts (Oxford): Fusion Arts connects artists with communities, promoting dynamic creative projects that drive social justice and celebrate diversity.

Our selection process highlighted organisations with a profound commitment to their communities, chosen for their purposeful work towards racial justice and their innovative theories of change. The overwhelming response from applicants underscored the wealth of dedicated groups striving for meaningful impact within their communities.

The scheme was made possible with the ongoing support of city councils across the UK, who played a crucial role in establishing relationships with community groups. The funds for these grants were creatively sourced from the aunction of globes during Phase 1 of The World Reimagined. 

The awarded funds are intended to support organisations in pursuing new ambitions or to continue the exceptional work they are already doing, reinforcing their capacity to enact positive change. This investment in community organisations is a testament to the collective desire to build a legacy of strength, justice, and unity across the UK.


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