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At its core, The World Reimagined mission is to honour, showcase and support the work of communities in doing the work of making racial justice a reality.

As hundreds of thousands of people visit The World Reimagined sculpture trails in each host city, we want to make sure that they hear about and can connect them with your work! Through the QR code on the base of each Globe, visitors will be able to access our digital platform, which features event listings for each of our host cities and beyond.

So if you have an event / activity / exhibition taking place between 13 August and 31 October 2022 that contributes to the mission of making racial justice a reality, please list your event with us! You’ll also receive access to our INSPIRE brand pack so you can show that you are part of bringing the mission of The World Reimagined to life.

To submit your event, please complete the form below. The information you’ll need is straightforward:

  • Name of organisation
  • Name of event
  • Date & time of the event
  • Venue and address
  • Whether the event is free or paid
  • Short profile of the event or organisation or both (50 words)
  • Pictures & logos for promotional purposes
  • A link where people can find out more or register for your event.

By submitting your event, you’re committing to it taking place in the Spirit of The World Reimagined.

Listing your event with us is free and our online Event Listings will be live from August to October 2022.

The World Reimagined is a company limited by guarantee (#1250114) and a registered charity (#115223). 

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