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Parent Pack: Reimagine the World!

Alongside visiting The World Reimagined trails, do you want to talk about and explore the UK’s history with racial injustice and progress towards racial justice with your children at home? Great – we have some easy-to-use resources, worksheets and activities for you!

Building on the learning resources that have been delivered in 200+ schools, which explore African history, shine a light on the successes and achievements of people from the black community and looks at the untold truths directly linked to the enslavement and trafficking of people of African decent across the Atlantic. This is not Black history – it is all of our history.

Below are some worksheets and activities on different themes for you to enjoy with your children to learn, discover and express themselves creatively. They speak to the 5 C’s that we work to encourage through all of our resources: Compassion; Curiosity; Courage; Connection; Critical Thinking. Find out more on the Learning Page.

Key to the activities is our Journey of Discovery Collection – where you can find 300+ short stories and images that bring our themes and this history to life. There is space to complete most of the activities in the packs, but you might want to keep some paper and pens handy!

The Power of Symbols

Explore the power of symbols to communicate ideas, with an introduction to Adinkra symbols and their importance across West Africa. Create your own symbols to represent ideas you want to celebrate and share with the world.


Our reality is shaped by the decisions and actions of people, individually and together. That is true of our past, present and future reality – and so here we explore some of the people who have shaped history and our present. We also consider what are the ‘ingredients of an icon’ so we can think about how we shape our future.

Reimagining through Poetry

Poetry has the power to challenge, to console and to inspire. Here you have worksheets that help you discover our history, connect with different forms of poetry to express our stories, hopes and dreams.

  • Mother Africa & Etymology
  • Abolition & Emancipation – and the Eintou poem
  • Still We Rise – and the Kwansaba poem


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